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And more than 20 years later, no film has surpassed "Joyful, Joyful" in terms of unbridled pleasure.If you can make it through this routine without smiling like a doofus, well... Choreographed by: Rob Marshall, Cynthia Onrubia, Denise Faye, and Joey Pizzi, with a special thanks to Bob Fosse CZJ may sing that she "Can't Do It Alone," but all evidence works to the contrary.Hollywood has really stepped up its choreography game over the last 35 years, gifting audiences with hundreds of incredibly memorable — and mimicable — routines.So, I laced up my red shoes to look back on the best live-action (sorry, Beauty and the Beast), American-funded (sorry, Strictly Ballroom) films from the last 35 years (sorry, Grease) to determine which routine set the barre the highest. Choreographed by: Marguerite Derricks and Jennifer Hamilton Under the influence of an evil alien parasite, Peter Parker (Tobey Maguire) gains a new wardrobe, an overinflated sense of self, and — apparently — the ability to literally sweep Mary Jane (Kirsten Dunst) off her feet.

88), the world's mouth was collectively agape after watching him tear up the floor with this badass hip-hop routine.Choreographed by: Dave Scott and Chuck Maldonado The intensely powerful second battle showcases some of the hardest-hitting moves ever captured on screen, courtesy of Chris Brown, Columbus Short, and the two sparring crews.Choreographed by: Michael Peters and Eartha Robinson The standard by which all final act cinematic talent show/competitions are judged." Choreographed by: Travis Payne, Udee Mc Geoy, and Stacy Walker The audience and Jersey, née Violet (Piper Perabo), get its first introduction to the wild world of Coyote Ugly through a testosterone-triggering routine that includes ass slapping, hair flipping, and fire dancing.Choreographed by: Anne Fletcher, Rosero Mc Coy, Jamal Sims, and Zachary Woodlee The prevailing dance franchise all began with a white hot contemporary/hip-hop-hybrid that spawned (at least) four sequels and one real-life marriage for stars Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan.

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Choreographed by: Jerry Evans, Mark Martinez, and Marlene Lang Diaz was an instant star after her screen debut, while Jim Carrey showed he was more than a funny face with this fast-paced — and jaw-dropping — routine.

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